Ten Percent

Weight 260.5

I have been busy since my last post.  Shortly after that post we found a house that we really liked.  We made an offer, got a counter offer that was fair and bought the house.  I am loving the new house.  I have a kitchen that I love to cook in.  I have a deck that we enjoy grilling and eating outside on.  Plus so much more that is great about this house.  There are stairs that I go up and down a lot each day and that is helping too.

Since moving in I have lost 10 lbs.  Today I got my 10 percent key chain from Weight Watchers for losing 10 percent of my starting weight.  I knew I was getting close but didn’t realize today would be the day until I heard I had lost 2.5 lbs this week. Good news indeed. 🙂


Kitchen redo

Some time back I rearranged my kitchen to help me with cooking more. I honestly can’t remember just how long ago, it was months for sure. Thing is it turned out to actually do the opposite because it left no room to sit and eat without pulling out the table all the time. Currently we are renting and the kitchen is just awkward because it is long, narrow and has one set of cabinets. I look forward to when we finally buy a place with a great kitchen…it’s a must have. But right now I have to deal with what I’ve got. So I spent the day rearranging the kitchen back to what it was before. The only reason I waited this long was I knew it would take me hours and I would be in so much pain by the end of it that all I can do is spend the rest of the evening laying down and hope that tomorrow my back is forgiving….such is life with chronic back pain. On a positive note though I now have a place to sit and eat so I am way more likely to cook and eat something healthy at home and I got some spring cleaning done.

Some New Things

I got a couple of new things at the meetings lately.  The first one is the salted caramel smoothie mix.  This is my new favorite, it’s so good that I like it with just plain skim milk.  Normally I dress up the smoothies with frozen fruit but this one I can just add a cup of milk and some ice and it is delicious.  Caramel is my favorite type of candy so it makes sense that I would love this one.  And this is one caramel I can have daily without feeling guilty about it.  I need to figure out if it is only out for a limited time.  If it is then I need to buy several boxes.  I really liked the coconut smoothie they had recently and I only have half a box of them left because I didn’t realize they would stop carrying them so soon.

The next thing I got was the salad dressing cruet that just came out.  In our area they only sent one to each location so I was very lucky to get the one that I did.  It measures out a perfect 2 tablespoon portion which is really cool. I wish I could get a second one to just use for coffee creamer.  It has measurements on the side to help with mixing dressing in it.  Plus it has 3 recipes printed on it.  The recipes are Lemon Garlic dressing PPV 3, Mustard Lime dressing PPV 1 and Italian Oil and Vinegar dressing PPV 2.  None have mayo in them so my husband should like all three of them.

I plan on playing around with some recipes to make a raspberry vinaigrette dressing.  Plus I want to try out all kinds of other tasty dressings.  Let me know if you have a good recipe you would like to share.

I have been pinning stuff to cook on Pinterest lately.  I am also really enjoying looking there to find new recipes.  I just pinned Smoky Bear Dressing which sounds so good I will have to give that a try soon.

I wanted to share a blog with you, in case you haven’t run up on it yet, that just makes me want to cook and try out everything on it. Gina at  skinnytaste.com cooks some of the best looking dishes I have ever seen.  And they sound so good too when you read the recipes.  The first recipe I would like to try from there is the stuffed buffalo chicken breasts.

And one last blog that I heard about from my Weight Watchers meeting that is a really good one is Emily Bites.  Once again it all looks and sounds wonderful. I want to try so many recipes from there.  One of the members at my meeting tried the Zucchini Tots this last week and just loved them. They are on my list of things to try from there.

20 pounds gone

Weight 268

Got my star for 20 pounds lost today.  It took a little while but a scale creeping down is way better than one creeping up.  Next goal is 25 pounds and then my 10 percent.  Working at it a little bit at a time.

Tried something new this week that was really good  Johnsonville has a turkey sausage with cheddar that is so good. A normal brats is around 9 ppv and this was only 3 ppv.  As I was looking around the Johnsonville website I noticed they have some other good options that I need to look out for and try.  http://www.johnsonville.com/betterforyou.html  I think some of the other products would be good in stir fries or Italian whole wheat pasta dishes. I want to try the chicken sausages with apple and the chicken sausage Cajun flavor ones.   Another thing I noticed while browsing their webpage was that they make it so easy to see what stores in my area carry the items. That is so helpful and gives me more time to do better things.

Great start to a Saturday

Today has been a really good day so far.  I got up at 6:30 which is so not normal but I had been trying to get in bed earlier at night and last night went to bed at 10:30 and slept really good.  I went and had steel cut oats at Panera so that I could see what they were like. I have always used the quick oats to make my oatmeal.  I did enjoy them and will have to try my hand at making the steel cut ones at home.

After breakfast we went and got a 45 minute walk in to take advantage of the cooler morning air.  The forecast for the day was mid 80s but it’s already in the upper 80s here at 1pm.  I am glad we took advantage of the morning to get the walk in for sure now.  Plus I am doing laundry and that is something the last couple of years that has started to really bother my back.  With the walking it is not as bad as it was in the winter but still I am just on the second load and already achy and sore.  So getting the walk in ahead of time keeps me from bailing out on it because of the pain.

It’s been a long time

Weight 271

A really long time in since I have been at this weight.  The last time I was at this weight was in July of 2006.  I am pretty sure that is the lowest I was ever at while doing my blog though I did get much lower before dealing with the side effects from the medications I was taking for PCOS.  But that was before I started the blog.

It’s been a really long road from there to now and a lot of changes.  I now think of Weight Watchers as as lifestyle and not diet or weight loss journey that I will stop at some point.  It took a while to get that train of thought in to my head.  It took several “break ups” in which I would realize I needed something in my life to help me be accountable.  And I had to realize that it is for the long term.  It was realizing that which kept me going to meetings and working to get everything in a row while I was recovering from last years health issues.  So unlike the past where I would have gave up and gained back 10 pounds I was able to keep off what I had lost and then this year finally start dropping more.

The highest weight that I know I got to was 316 where I weighed at one of my doctor visits.  I started doing Weight Watchers with a co-worker to give her support.  I read her books and did it on my own for 2 weeks.  I decided that I liked it so well that I wanted to try going to meetings so I had my first weigh in with WW in May of 2002.  I was 312.5 at that weight in.  I credit WW with helping me to lose all that weight from then to now.  That is 45 pounds down since I was handed my first WW books.  And though I have seen much better losses than that and still keep my 25, 50 and 75 pound magnets on my fridge for an anchor.  I am working for where I am now.

The meetings I go to now have my starting weight at what I joined the last time as do eTools.  I needed that so I could get my rewards for the pounds I am dropping now.  I printed out a list of my old weight entries before resetting my eTools so I could look back at it when I needed to but could work in the present.  I am 2 pounds away from dropping 20 and 7 pounds from getting my 25 pound medallion.  Those are goals I am working on at the moment.  Another goal I have is more long term and that is to get into shape to start riding my bike.  I got it when I lost down the first time but never really got into riding it before things took a turn for the worse.  Right now I am using my stationary bike to build up both my knees and my butt.  My knees seem to be able to stand it more than my back side LOL.  I know that is going to get better as I lose though and it is something I really look forward to as I loved to ride my bike when I was kid more than anything else I did exercise wise.

Anyway I wanted to explain some of that for people that might have been watching this blog for a long time and wonder when I say I am getting my 20 pound star or something hadn’t already lost more weight than that.  The answer is yes and I do look at overall but I need to work in the present as far goals, rewards and stuff.

And the payoff is good

Weight 276

I am very happy with this week’s results.  That is 4 pounds down from last week.  I did have the unsweet tea at most places we went out to eat. I had diet coke a few times but that was at places that I trusted to get the right drink as I know some of the staff and they do a really good job.  I do want to switch to getting the tea nearly all the time though as I feel it is a much healthier option.  Another thing I did was switch my snacking to healthy power foods.  I will still have a bar every once in a while as I love a few of the WW ones but for the most part I am having fresh fruits as my snacks during the day.  Then at night when I start to get hungry I make a smoothie out of skim milk and frozen fruit.  It tastes so good and helps with getting in my dairy.  And the results speak for themselves. 

We had gone over snacking verses having treats a couple weeks ago at one of our meetings.  I already knew this but it was good to hear again.  For me the more whole the food the better it seems to work.  Power foods are what they are for a reason…they kick butt.