Almost back to where I was

Weight 279

Only four more pounds to get back to where I was before the huge gain I had.  Normally summer is my best loosing time but this one has been so hot that it is making it hard for me.  I haven’t got regular exercise in a while.  When I do get out I am fighting to keep from getting heat rashes due to the nearly 100 degree weather.   It really does make it difficult for me as I am the type that loves being outside and doing stuff and this summer has not been an enjoyable one.  I am hoping that by September (maybe even before) that we start seeing much lower temps.

4 thoughts on “Almost back to where I was

  1. The heat is pretty draining lately. I know that up here we have been spoiled for the last few years. This year, even though it is hot, it still hasn’t broken 100 for actual degrees. Heat index that high is enough though for me. Have you tried the Lady’s anti monkey butt powder? I saw it in several stores lately and I know a gentleman that prefers the anti monkey butt powder to other options he has used. Silly name but it may help.

    WTG on your continued weightloss! Keep pushing forward!

    • We have broke 100 here a few times and most days being high 90s for over a month. Not use to that for sure. I hadn’t tried it….in fact I don’t think I have seen it around here but I will keep my eyes open next time I go shopping.

    • Thankfully it’s a little cooler today but sprinkling. I might just get out and walk in it anyway. I took my trash out in the pouring rain last night and I actually enjoyed getting soaked LOL. So happy to see you back Hilly as I have missed you.

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