Going down

Weight 277.5

Still seeing the scale move down which is great.  I have been making sure to track everything every day.  Tracking has so much to do with it.  It is so easy to take in more calories than you think if you don’t monitor yourself.  I find that the new cover I got for my 3 month journal helps me too.  I love the colors and design.  I keep it in my outside pocket on my pocketbook where it is easy to get to and use.

Another thing that I find that helps me a good deal is being organized.  Which reminds that I need to organize my home office as it is getting into quite a mess at the moment.  Ah the life of living in a small house.  Hopefully one of these day that will not be such a problem.


One thought on “Going down

  1. YAYAYAY! You are doing great! Keep pushing forward. I have challenged myself to at least track 4 days a week and knowing that I was already over my carbs for the day I made a choice to skip some ice cream last night even though I reallllllly wanted it.

    We can do this!

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