A maintain

Weight 277.5

This week was a maintain and that was fine with me.  Especially since I ran out of points and went over.  I got in a good bit of exercise and that helped.  That running out of points can happen sometimes.  Of course it a big part of the problem was that I didn’t get all the Healthy Guidelines in and by doing so I ate a few too many of things that should be ate more in moderation.

The meeting today was really good.  I do love my leader so much.  She is such a hoot and makes the meetings not only informative but fun.  I think that is a key to success for me.  I enjoy the meetings so much and that helps.  I feel blessed to have her as a leader.

One of the things she mentioned today was about tracking and how a member had asked to see her tracker.  Since she knew she was going to be showing her tracker to a member this week she was extra careful to break everything down the way you should instead of short cutting it.  She lost two pounds this week and said she guess she was slipping back in to some old habits. 

The part that helped me was the breaking it down.  I have been just writing 6in sub or ham sandwich instead of listing what all it was made of.  So this coming week I am going to be breaking it down more so I can see better what I am getting.

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