Still around

Weight 277

I know it seems like I fallen off the face of the earth but I am still around.  I either couldn’t think of anything to say or when I did I was no where near the computer and then would forget what I was planning on saying.

I have gone down a little bit more since my last post.  I am not sure it has stayed that way though.  I finally got my braces off which means I have been able to eat stuff that I haven’t been able to have for two and a half years.  I have been trying to space stuff out and the last two weigh-ins since my braces came off were a loss and a maintain.  But I am worried that my weigh-in tomorrow won’t be so good.  I have not been getting in as much veggies as I should.  I know it is very important to follow the healthy guidelines that Weight Watchers has set.  I am also dealing with a great deal of back pain since the autumn as got here and that is stopping me from doing as much as I normally would too.

I am excited about the new plan that Weight Watchers is going to be releasing in the US on the 29th.  I think the change is going to be a huge help to me.  Of course it is hard to know what is actually going to happen till it is here but the rumors that have heard do sound very promising.  I feel like a kid looking forward to Christmas morning waiting on this new plan to be released.