New PointsPlus cookbook

The link on the right is for the New Complete Weight Watchers cookbook with the PointsPlus values used in it.  I have already pre-ordered mine.  It’s a Christmas present for my husband and myself.  I am going to have him look through it and find stuff that he wants me to fix.  He’s a rather picky eater so doing that works the best.

We started on the plan today as Friday is the first day in my Weight Watcher’s week.  I am loving the free fruit.  You know my banana just seemed to taste better. It was so much sweeter with not worrying about how many points it was.  I just enjoyed it and a clementine as a snack today.  And I was able to mark it off on my Good Health Guidelines in my 3 month tracker. 

Speaking of the 3 month tracker….I love mine.  I like how they have a place to write down the time I ate and how hungry I was at the time.  I also love the extra page in this one to track down activity and even my thoughts for the day.  Way to go WW….awesome job!!!

2 thoughts on “New PointsPlus cookbook

  1. gina says:

    hey there. i recently re-joined WW, but didn’t have a good first week. I haven’t even gone in to weigh again…but I will tomorrow morning. May have to check out the cookbook too. I too am loving the free fruit.

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