And the payoff is good

Weight 276

I am very happy with this week’s results.  That is 4 pounds down from last week.  I did have the unsweet tea at most places we went out to eat. I had diet coke a few times but that was at places that I trusted to get the right drink as I know some of the staff and they do a really good job.  I do want to switch to getting the tea nearly all the time though as I feel it is a much healthier option.  Another thing I did was switch my snacking to healthy power foods.  I will still have a bar every once in a while as I love a few of the WW ones but for the most part I am having fresh fruits as my snacks during the day.  Then at night when I start to get hungry I make a smoothie out of skim milk and frozen fruit.  It tastes so good and helps with getting in my dairy.  And the results speak for themselves. 

We had gone over snacking verses having treats a couple weeks ago at one of our meetings.  I already knew this but it was good to hear again.  For me the more whole the food the better it seems to work.  Power foods are what they are for a reason…they kick butt.