It’s been a long time

Weight 271

A really long time in since I have been at this weight.  The last time I was at this weight was in July of 2006.  I am pretty sure that is the lowest I was ever at while doing my blog though I did get much lower before dealing with the side effects from the medications I was taking for PCOS.  But that was before I started the blog.

It’s been a really long road from there to now and a lot of changes.  I now think of Weight Watchers as as lifestyle and not diet or weight loss journey that I will stop at some point.  It took a while to get that train of thought in to my head.  It took several “break ups” in which I would realize I needed something in my life to help me be accountable.  And I had to realize that it is for the long term.  It was realizing that which kept me going to meetings and working to get everything in a row while I was recovering from last years health issues.  So unlike the past where I would have gave up and gained back 10 pounds I was able to keep off what I had lost and then this year finally start dropping more.

The highest weight that I know I got to was 316 where I weighed at one of my doctor visits.  I started doing Weight Watchers with a co-worker to give her support.  I read her books and did it on my own for 2 weeks.  I decided that I liked it so well that I wanted to try going to meetings so I had my first weigh in with WW in May of 2002.  I was 312.5 at that weight in.  I credit WW with helping me to lose all that weight from then to now.  That is 45 pounds down since I was handed my first WW books.  And though I have seen much better losses than that and still keep my 25, 50 and 75 pound magnets on my fridge for an anchor.  I am working for where I am now.

The meetings I go to now have my starting weight at what I joined the last time as do eTools.  I needed that so I could get my rewards for the pounds I am dropping now.  I printed out a list of my old weight entries before resetting my eTools so I could look back at it when I needed to but could work in the present.  I am 2 pounds away from dropping 20 and 7 pounds from getting my 25 pound medallion.  Those are goals I am working on at the moment.  Another goal I have is more long term and that is to get into shape to start riding my bike.  I got it when I lost down the first time but never really got into riding it before things took a turn for the worse.  Right now I am using my stationary bike to build up both my knees and my butt.  My knees seem to be able to stand it more than my back side LOL.  I know that is going to get better as I lose though and it is something I really look forward to as I loved to ride my bike when I was kid more than anything else I did exercise wise.

Anyway I wanted to explain some of that for people that might have been watching this blog for a long time and wonder when I say I am getting my 20 pound star or something hadn’t already lost more weight than that.  The answer is yes and I do look at overall but I need to work in the present as far goals, rewards and stuff.