20 pounds gone

Weight 268

Got my star for 20 pounds lost today.  It took a little while but a scale creeping down is way better than one creeping up.  Next goal is 25 pounds and then my 10 percent.  Working at it a little bit at a time.

Tried something new this week that was really good  Johnsonville has a turkey sausage with cheddar that is so good. A normal brats is around 9 ppv and this was only 3 ppv.  As I was looking around the Johnsonville website I noticed they have some other good options that I need to look out for and try.  http://www.johnsonville.com/betterforyou.html  I think some of the other products would be good in stir fries or Italian whole wheat pasta dishes. I want to try the chicken sausages with apple and the chicken sausage Cajun flavor ones.   Another thing I noticed while browsing their webpage was that they make it so easy to see what stores in my area carry the items. That is so helpful and gives me more time to do better things.

2 thoughts on “20 pounds gone

  1. WTG on losing 20lbs! That’s Awesome! Keep pushing forward. I will have to check out those new products as DH is a brat lover. Hope things are going well. I have been on an extended blogging/blog reading break. These days I am over at sparkpeople.com for my weight loss trial and errors. You can do this!!

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