Some New Things

I got a couple of new things at the meetings lately.  The first one is the salted caramel smoothie mix.  This is my new favorite, it’s so good that I like it with just plain skim milk.  Normally I dress up the smoothies with frozen fruit but this one I can just add a cup of milk and some ice and it is delicious.  Caramel is my favorite type of candy so it makes sense that I would love this one.  And this is one caramel I can have daily without feeling guilty about it.  I need to figure out if it is only out for a limited time.  If it is then I need to buy several boxes.  I really liked the coconut smoothie they had recently and I only have half a box of them left because I didn’t realize they would stop carrying them so soon.

The next thing I got was the salad dressing cruet that just came out.  In our area they only sent one to each location so I was very lucky to get the one that I did.  It measures out a perfect 2 tablespoon portion which is really cool. I wish I could get a second one to just use for coffee creamer.  It has measurements on the side to help with mixing dressing in it.  Plus it has 3 recipes printed on it.  The recipes are Lemon Garlic dressing PPV 3, Mustard Lime dressing PPV 1 and Italian Oil and Vinegar dressing PPV 2.  None have mayo in them so my husband should like all three of them.

I plan on playing around with some recipes to make a raspberry vinaigrette dressing.  Plus I want to try out all kinds of other tasty dressings.  Let me know if you have a good recipe you would like to share.

I have been pinning stuff to cook on Pinterest lately.  I am also really enjoying looking there to find new recipes.  I just pinned Smoky Bear Dressing which sounds so good I will have to give that a try soon.

I wanted to share a blog with you, in case you haven’t run up on it yet, that just makes me want to cook and try out everything on it. Gina at cooks some of the best looking dishes I have ever seen.  And they sound so good too when you read the recipes.  The first recipe I would like to try from there is the stuffed buffalo chicken breasts.

And one last blog that I heard about from my Weight Watchers meeting that is a really good one is Emily Bites.  Once again it all looks and sounds wonderful. I want to try so many recipes from there.  One of the members at my meeting tried the Zucchini Tots this last week and just loved them. They are on my list of things to try from there.