A bit of struggling

Weight 280

I actually got down another pound and got my 10 pound ribbon (again).  But had a small gain this last week and went back up a pound.  I continued to track every day without fail.  I am still having some issues meeting all my healthy guidelines, it’s a work in progress.  The ones I have trouble with are the milks and oils.  The big problem with that is eating out too much. I decided to switch to unsweetened tea instead of diet soda since I can’t tell when I get the wrong drink.  With my tracking I really shouldn’t be struggling this much.  I am exercising regularly and not going over my points. I don’t always use all of my weekly points. I am wondering how often I might be getting regular soda.  I know some people can just tell when they do but to me it all taste about the same when it comes from a fountain.

I know I really need to start cooking at home most of the time.  It is one of my biggest struggles for several reasons. Our kitchen is super small and cramped. When it comes to counter space we have so little it is hard to do any prep work. Plus having a cat under foot a lot of the time is a real pain.  Sometimes I hurt too much to want to fool with it.  I am having a hard time getting my motivation up when it comes to cooking.  It’s mostly mental other than my chronic back pain issues.  I just know I need to work on doing much better at it.

The Weight Watchers Weekly we got this week is about eating more colorful fruits and veggies.  I am trying to use this for inspiration to do more in the kitchen.  As I can control much better the amount of these I get my meals when I cook.  I am looking through recipes and online to get ideas of stuff I can do.


Back into the groove

Weight 280

I am still here and still going at it.  I started going to Weight Watchers meetings again last July.  It’s taken me a while to finally get into my groove again with it.  Since going back I have lost 9 pounds.  I know that is not a lot over that time but at least I am not heavier than I was when I went back.  Most this weight has been loss recently as I finally got my act together with tracking again.  For me that is a very important part of it.  I have been tracking solid for 7 weeks.  What has helped me with this is 1) My leader Amy gave us a “homework” challenge of tracking for a week.  Which is when I started this 7 weeks ago 2) We finally got the monthly pass at my WW area and with that is free e-tools so I am using my phone to do my tracking.  This works great for me.

I started off just making sure to track and stay within my points each week. I have done well with this. I did have a couple small overages but it still worked out okay.  What I need to work on are my good health guidelines. I have trouble with getting in my milks and oils sometimes and am working to do much better on these.  I have better weight loss when I follow the guidelines.  Another thing I am working on getting better with right now is exercising.  Now that winter is gone that is becoming a lot easier.  I have really enjoyed getting out and moving.

I am looking for some blogs to read.  Ones of other people doing Weight Watchers.  I had a program that kept up with all my blogs I use to read for inspiration but it messed up and I lost all those. Recently I have been watching some vlogs on YouTube for inspiration and it has really helped me to keep focused.

It’s been a while

I am still around though it’s been over a year since I posted.  I had a rough year and didn’t feel much like writing about it at the time. What I thought was going to be a good year for getting active and dropping weight just didn’t turn out that way.   I had surgery and that slowed me down at the beginning of the year and then I had foot pain start up. The foot pain turned out to be a  heel spur.  I first typed hell spur…you know that is about right LOL.  I am doing better with it and I am hoping that 2012 will be a better year.  I still have foot pain in the mornings and I have to either have some kind of soft shoe (like my crocs) or my shoe inserts in so that I don’t have a painful day.  Normally the walking I do helps keep my back from being as bad so it’s been worse than most years.

I am still doing Weight Watchers.  I still need to re-calculate some of my favorite recipes.  I want to get back into doing more cooking now that my foot is doing some better.

New PointsPlus cookbook

The link on the right is for the New Complete Weight Watchers cookbook with the PointsPlus values used in it.  I have already pre-ordered mine.  It’s a Christmas present for my husband and myself.  I am going to have him look through it and find stuff that he wants me to fix.  He’s a rather picky eater so doing that works the best.

We started on the plan today as Friday is the first day in my Weight Watcher’s week.  I am loving the free fruit.  You know my banana just seemed to taste better. It was so much sweeter with not worrying about how many points it was.  I just enjoyed it and a clementine as a snack today.  And I was able to mark it off on my Good Health Guidelines in my 3 month tracker. 

Speaking of the 3 month tracker….I love mine.  I like how they have a place to write down the time I ate and how hungry I was at the time.  I also love the extra page in this one to track down activity and even my thoughts for the day.  Way to go WW….awesome job!!!

Quick trip to the store

Went shopping today and got a bunch of different kinds of fruit so I can serve them along with meals and have them as snacks.  I am really going to love not having to worry about the points in my fruit.  It is not like I became over weight by eating too much fruit LOL.  Only got two snacks that are more like treats this time around.  Got my husband his Ritz mix and I got a box of Kashi cookies for special treats though the week.

Really liking what I see

From what I have been reading from my materials I think this is the best that Weight Watchers has ever done when it comes to pointing out how to live healthy.  I am really very pleased with all I have read.  I decided to start the plan on my normal day instead of jumping into it mid week.  I feel this way I can prepare and do much better with it.

I looked at the weekly tracker they give out at the meetings and I really liked that they put in a simple grocery list in it that has checks to mark off stuff to stock up on.  It’s a good list to start out your grocery shopping list for the week. 

Another thing I really like is their break down of PointsPlus Target into meals and snacks for the day.  They have a chart with suggestions depending on how many points you get.  I had done this before when I was making sure to not run out of points before the day was over.  It really helps to break it down when trying to plan out stuff.  I think it will be important now more than ever since the points are different and it is a such a switch in thinking for those of us that have been doing this for a while.

It’s here

I went to the meeting and got my stuff for the new PointsPlus plan.  Fruit is free on the plan.  I have a several more points than I had before.  I have a lot of information to read and then it will be a lot of planning. 

I got the deluxe members kits and found out the calculator was not in it, instead there was a coupon to trade in for the calculator.  Since they didn’t want us to open the materials before the meeting I found out afterwards….after I was already home.  I went back out tonight and got my calculator.  I was very happy to find out the new 3 month tracker fits in my cover that I got a few months back.  I really do like the little cover.

With this plan they are only giving out two books all on week one.  So I have everything I need to read already.  I was a little worried to start with on how I was going to figure out my husband’s PointsPlus target as it does not give the formula for it in the book they give out.  However once I got the calculator I was able to use it to figure out the points.

The points on many foods have changed.  My beloved fudge bar from WW is now 3 points instead of 1.  The raspberry dark chocolate bar they have stayed 2 points.  Guess we know which one I will chose if I do ice cream now.  However since fruit is free I will probably for go the ice cream most the time and have some grapes.  But then that is the point now isn’t it?

Tomorrow is the big day

Not much longer now.  The new Weight Watchers plan comes out tomorrow.  I am looking forward to seeing what all they have changed.  I feel this is going to be a really good thing.  I have heard that fruit is going to be free on the plan and that will be a big plus for me because I think I can get in my fruits and veggies so much better that way.  From everything I am reading online the new plan is called Points Plus. 

I do eTools on the Weight Watchers site and use the iPhone app that they have and I am looking forward to seeing what they do with the app.  I read that the app may not be available for the first couple of days after the plan is released.  Not surprised as it takes a while for a new update on an app to show up on iTunes anyway.

I think the book I added on the side menu is the New Complete cookbook for this plan since it is a pre-order and not available yet.  I will keep an eye on it and make sure I am right about this. 

My husband is looking forward to the new plan too and is wanting to start it ASAP.  We did really good at one point helping each other out on WW.  I am hopeful that will be the case again. 

Still around

Weight 277

I know it seems like I fallen off the face of the earth but I am still around.  I either couldn’t think of anything to say or when I did I was no where near the computer and then would forget what I was planning on saying.

I have gone down a little bit more since my last post.  I am not sure it has stayed that way though.  I finally got my braces off which means I have been able to eat stuff that I haven’t been able to have for two and a half years.  I have been trying to space stuff out and the last two weigh-ins since my braces came off were a loss and a maintain.  But I am worried that my weigh-in tomorrow won’t be so good.  I have not been getting in as much veggies as I should.  I know it is very important to follow the healthy guidelines that Weight Watchers has set.  I am also dealing with a great deal of back pain since the autumn as got here and that is stopping me from doing as much as I normally would too.

I am excited about the new plan that Weight Watchers is going to be releasing in the US on the 29th.  I think the change is going to be a huge help to me.  Of course it is hard to know what is actually going to happen till it is here but the rumors that have heard do sound very promising.  I feel like a kid looking forward to Christmas morning waiting on this new plan to be released.

I’ll take half a pound down

Weight 278

I really do love the Weight Watchers weekly that they give out at the meetings.  I find them full of helpful information and motivation.  This week was about mapping out our steps to success.  I plan to put all the information to use to help me along this journey. 

Now that the weather is not a heat wave I have got back to walking some.  I am not sure if the new shoes I got last month are going to work for me.  I am having trouble with my right foot hurting in the arch.  I am going to try walking in my old shoes and see if it is better.  Then switch and see if happens again.  Maybe it won’t be the shoe and just a temporary pain that will go away in a day or two.