A ways go to

Weight 274.5

Today was my Weight Watchers meeting.  I received a five pound star.  This is the first one I have got since they went to the paper ones.  I do miss the nicer ones that they gave out at every 10 pounds.  I guess it’s better to get the recognition for every five pounds.  Awards are nice and they help to motivate.  So the more often the better.  I will have to figure out how I want to use the sticker.  I would like to put it on something that won’t just get tossed away.  It’s something to think about.

This week’s weekly is about being the boss of your own world.  For me this is taking charge and making sure to cook at home most of the time.  Eating out is a big issue for me.  It’s hard for me to find things that I like that are healthy.  Especially a lot of the places I end up going.  Cooking is hard in the fact that I don’t like to drive and go shopping.  It’s mostly the driving.  We don’t have decent laws to protect against all the people that won’t stay off their cell phones.  I constantly see people that are all over the roads.  And the fact is I am scared to be on the roads with these people.  So it makes getting myself motivated to go shopping a very difficult task.  You would think I would drive to go shopping so I could avoid the road to go out and eat.  But I am hungry and more likely to do it when it’s time to go out and eat. Oh anxiety…how strangely it does work sometimes.


This issue I have with driving is causing me to not do as well as I could.  I need to force myself to get out and go shopping each week.  And I need to get out and get exercise.  I don’t go for walks like I once did because we don’t have sidewalks here and I have to drive to the parks to have a decent place to walk.  The traffic in this area is awful and there have been several fatalities on the roads near me.  People driving too fast and/or distracted.   I have put on a few pounds because of not doing what I need to do but I am working on getting those off.  I am a total of 40.5 pounds down from when I first joined Weight Watchers.  My leader adjusted my weight there to match my beginning numbers so I don’t have to keep track of separate numbers now (long time readers will know that was an issue in the past.)    I have a ways to go yet but I will get there.

Still on the move down

Weight 279

I am very glad to see these numbers.  It wasn’t too long ago that I was seeing myself reaching near the 300 mark again.  But with watching what I eat and being more active I am slowly seeing the numbers decrease.  It takes a little more work when you deal with PCOS but it can be done.  I think two of the biggest things are that I watch the type of food that I am putting in my body and that I eat so much slower now and therefore eat less.

This summer as allowed me to be active though I could have done with a little less heat.  I am looking forward to fall and with each sign I see I am happier each day.  Walking in the cool autumn air is such a pleasure for me.  I hope we have a beautiful and long season of it before the cold comes.

I am still working on getting things tweaked after the upgrade on the site.  I think I was able to get the type of rss feed it had before working again so that hopefully those of you that read it that will way see my new posts now.